March 2020, and the UK goes into lockdown due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The whole of Scotland tuned in daily to watch First Minister Nicola Sturgeon give her updates, and then as lockdown continued we waited patiently for the hilarious comedy encore voice-over from Glasgow Comedienne, Janey Godley.

It was a Friday night, my wife and I were having a wee drink and watching some of Janey’s Nicola Sturgeon voice-over videos.

"Stay in the hoose or am gonnae take a run and put ma toe up the crack ae yer arse"

This was the quote from the most recent…

Christina Connelly

Co-Founder & Director of Experience Design @HoneyBadgerHQ | Illustrator | Ninja Turtle Geek | Lego Addict | Doodler | Swears a lot

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